Editing services

Did you know there are many types of book editing services? At MK Writing Services, editing is our forte. We offer complete, custom editing solutions for manuscripts of all types and in all stages of completeness.

Whether you need a quick grammar check or a professional to (lovingly) take your book apart and piece it back together better than before, look no further!

Not sure where to start? We recommend our Beta reading service, which includes a recommendation from our professional editors on which editing services your manuscript may need.

About Editing Types

  • Copyediting ($8 USD per 1,000 words) is concerned entirely with technical correctness. Copyediting services include a complete and thorough review of grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
  • Line editing ($8 USD per 1,000 words) is concerned principally with style. A line editor doesn't correct technical errors, but instead looks at each individual sentence in your manuscript and improves word choice, tone, delivery, and clarity.
  • Development editing ($10 USD per 1,000 words) is concerned with the overall structure of the manuscript. These talented storytellers look for plot holes, pacing problems, continuity errors, and storytelling pitfalls. A development edit will typically require much heavier rewrites than copy- or line editing. It's best to bring a development editor in during the outlining stage to make recommendations on structure before writing begins, and if you purchase development editing with your ghostwriting package, MK will do just that.